Best vintage speakers for rock music

Discussion in ' Speakers ' started by CraftonDec 22, Log in or Sign up. Messages: Looking to pick up a pair of vintage speakers - any suggestions on whats the best sounding speakers for money?

The 8 best vintage speakers for your turntable set-up

CraftonDec 22, Messages: 6, Location: Wichita-ish. Unfortunately, that's a very difficult question to answer, as there are SO many variables. Additionally, in the used market pricing can be a big variable. So my recommendation is to look at what is available locally to you on Craigslist and similar. But also educate yourself! Nothing can tilt the balance in your favor like knowledge. Messages: 1, Location: Mpls.

Top 4 Best Speakers For Rock Music In 2020 – [Reviews & Buyer Guide]

As been said by the previous poster you will need to educate yourself for the most part. You can always ask questions here but this is what I would do. Keep an eye on CL and when you see a speaker in your price range just google it and look for links where it has been discussed here on AudioKarma.

Most likely if it hasn't been discussed here it probably isn't worth pursuing, at least that's what I have found. And as a last step you'll need to go listen for yourself and bring your own music, something that you are familiar with. Lux ManDec 22, Thank you both. Messages: Location: Lima ny. Unfortunately but also fortunately the answer is yours ears. If you have hifi shops near you they are a nice way of listeningmost carry a range of budget speakers.

If you do what I did. Be prepared to search and search and search for the right sound with searching there is money involved sometimes a lot! I won't recommend a speaker because we all have our own different taste. Mine would be the Yamaha NS series after listening and searching for my sound I've spent a lot of money all in while I have walk right passed the NS line with my nose in the air because of recommendations of staying away from the Yamaha line of speakers.

Just my 2 cents. PeerlessKDec 22, Messages: 3, Location: West LA. Both of those are great speakers. Maybe you can buy them both and sell the pair you like less!

BTW, what do you have to drive them with? Check this out. It's not about a score it's about enjoying what you bought. We all like a score but if you hold out for one you may be waiting a very long time. I read that post so im going to go have a listen. I love the maple cabinets on the jbls too. I have an old sony 60 wpc es receiver that im using. Messages: 5, Location: Virginia.Having auditioned a lot of louspeakers, I havent yet found something that gives justice to metal or hard rock, even my currnet set up doesnt.

I own wharfedale diamond So slayer, metallica, lamb of god, korn, system of down fans out there, I need your serious advice on such a set up which captures the reality of metal. I have already heard them. I have heard that CVs are good for rock. I wish they rock. An Anthem Integrated amplifier is a very good amplifier, but might be more than you are willing to pay and unnecessary for your small room.

What's wrong with the Marantz? Its 52 wpc or so into 6 Ohms should be plenty with the XLSs and a small room. The biggest change for me listening to rock wasn't the seakers, it was the amp and this was a big surprise. This was back when I went from a Yamaha wpc receiver to seperates. Can't remember the model numbers but I bought them used. Not saying that is an issue with what you have, just relating my own experience.

I dont think 45w would do justice to the xls And i heard that there are some clipping issues when lower current amp is used to drive high power rated speakers. Well, within my budget I think I can manage for watter amp. Would this be good enough? And have you heard them cerwin vega, just asking out of curiosity.

It has happened to me once and I dont wanna freak out again. I want atleast a decent system enough to have me sit back and enjoy music for some good time. Later when required I would improve it. Upgrade should be out of improvement not dissappointment. Isnt it. The XLS is really not all that high power rated at watts peak.

Let me hunt here and there more for amp suitable for them. The emotiva power amp has been sold out on ebay i guess. I'm of the school that says "good speakers sound good on all types of music".

There are only bad, mediocre, good and really good speakers. If a speaker sounds good on only one type of music IMO that's a bad speaker.

If you really want bookshelf types, then consider adding a subwoofer. When I started my hunt, I was confused when I heard this things like- 'this speaker is good at mids', 'this one is bright' etc etc.

And I thought why? I simply believe that a speaker's job is to reproduce the recordings as close as possible, but I was surprised during auditions that there were few which seemed to be doing the job.

But Joe you will have to accept that in Hi-Fi world all speakers dont do justice to all genres. And this fact is even more enforced by the truth that we all have different tastes.

I dont really fall for Hi-Fi or stereophile or audiophile philosophies. Such philosophies seem to be different from music. That consists my system, and it sounds good with metal music, especially monitor audio br5, better bass reproduction. I am looking for floorstanders only. Cerwin Vega xls are floorstanders.The L for the High's and the A Monitors for their amazing midrange.

Both lack what the other has in spades but combined they are sublime. Bill does an incredible job and his prices are very reasonable. LOG IN. Hello all, Im looking for advice on purchasing speakers in the What's the rest of your system comprised of?

How big of a room?

best vintage speakers for rock music

I know the size of the room and acoustics play a part in the sound but i figured i would start with the basic question. I will be listening from the long side. I dont have any music listening equiptment yet. Thats for another discussion. I do like the sound of tube amps though but am open to anything that is within my budget I'll add ATC to the list.

Or, these should get you there Does owning a "classic rock " speaker mean everything else is subpar? Good gear in a proper room setup and everything sounds good.

Perhaps more a subjective call. Demo as many brands as you can and let your ears decide. What about "Neo" Classic Rock?

Dueling speakers: Vintage vs Modern

And where the hell did "roll" go? But most rock music recordings of that era were engineered with a bloated top and bottom end spike that fed into these speakers design and resulting audio performance in lock step. They performed with an exaggerated treble top-end and matched exaggerate bass frequencies boost to actually accentuate an audio performance to be best tailored to the popular pop and classic rock music general presentation of that era.

No problem. Current era alternate speaker brands all have superior performance models with all the dynamic slam you can imagine even at normal listening levels; as long as they are properly paired with high-end build electronics amp AND source. Get the midrange right and everything else will fall into place. Now, nostalgia buffs music can experience the illusory glory of what was once sold as a stand mount studio monitor speaker thanks to the introduction of the JBL L Classic at CES Paul Rigby follows his guide to vintage amplifiers with a look at some of the most enduring speaker designs.

Although modern manufacturers are becoming a little more adventurous, the contemporary market has been plagued for several years with banal and restrictive speakers designs, guided by a lucrative lifestyle market and what brands believe will be seen as acceptable within the family home. This effectively translates into tall, thin speaker cabinets sporting weedy drive units and no personality.

What vintage designs will give you, in contrast, is the big, the bold and the bizarre. Sound and innovation was the priority back then, not looks or interior design, and the sonically adventurous can have a fine time investigating older speakers. While the speaker cabinet is usually fairly resilient, keep on eye out for slowly stiffening and crumbling drive units and the rubber surrounds, and punctured cones. Also, take a look at the connections and make sure that the wiring and soldering has not degraded or been disconnected.

Prices will vary, of course, depending on a range of factors so the figures I provide here are merely a rough guide.

Wcw 2018

I have not supplied a website source for each product because sourcing each will require a bit of detective work. This is a selection of the varied speakers swimming around the market, so please add your favourites below in the comments section.

Made insome people described it as a the best speaker in the world, and others still do. The price reflects the panel upgrades from a third party outfit, One Thing Audio. This is a classic stand-mounter fromdesigned and developed by the BBC for internal use. Price reflects a new version from Falcon Acoustics: a remarkably exact — and I mean exact in every possible way — copy of the original.

Needs placing on stands. Fromthis three-way speaker uses Bextrene cones within. Need to be carefully partnered, though. At the time of their release back inthe s were seen as pretty innovative because they used polypropylene drivers. The result leans towards a clean yet warming sound output. Even then, these are a bargain with a top quality overall sound quality.

A folded horn design, this one is big, meaning that only large rooms need apply. Tannoy has a knack of producing sonic imagery for almost holographic-like music presentation. In order to give you the best experience, we use cookies and similar technologies for performance, analytics, personalization, advertising, and to help our site function. The Vinyl Factory Group, trading as: The Vinyl Factory, Vinyl Factory Manufacturing, Phonica Records, FACT Magazine, FACT TV, Spaces Magazine, Vinyl Space, and The Store X, uses cookies and similar technologies to give you a better experience, enabling things like: - basic site functions - ensuring secure, safe transactions - secure account login - remembering account, browser, and regional preferences - remembering privacy and security settings - analyzing site traffic and usage - personalized search, content, and recommendations - helping us understand the audience - showing relevant, targeted ads on and off our web properties Detailed information can be found on our Privacy Policy page.

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Saying no will not stop you from seeing our ads, but it may make them less relevant or more repetitive. Your wishlist is empty. View Wishlist. Cart 0.Log in or Sign up. Steve Hoffman Music Forums. Location: Netherlands. Hi, a few years ago I built my own electrostatic loudspeakers. They sound very detailled and bass is tight and controlled. Especially electronic, classical, jazz and acoustic music can sound very good.

It still depends on the recording quality like dynamic range and so on. But overall I'm very happy with my DIY stats. But unfortunately they don't sound that good when listening rock and heavy and black metal music. I'm aware of the often very poor recording quality of many metal recordings.

best vintage speakers for rock music

But when playing on my stats this seems to be pronounced. I could add a subwoofer to give more body to the music, but as my stats are rather big they already go deep enough. Do you recognize this problem? Does this also apply to high-end boxed speakers? Johan BosJul 3, Whats the budget on new speakers? Best budget option: Dali Concept 10, big but if you have the space. In the k used range youve got: Dali Opticon 8 Dynaudio X44 Martin Logan motion 60xt The Dynaudio is probably the most accomplished across the board and gets to 27hz its also the most expensive.

Motion 60xt might be your best bet given you are used to the stat sound and the 60xt has the ribbon tweeter. Location: Rossendale, Lancashire - I'm a displaced Mancunian. Electrostatics usually have a wicked impedance in the high frequencies - the impedance drops, and real current is drawn from the amplifier. I've heard a wide sound stage collapse because of it.

Moment Of Glory by Scorpions is one recording that does it - I think it's the Berlin Philharmoniker that creates the problem, because of all the close mic'ed mayhem the high frequency instruments cause.

It might sound counter intuitive, but have you thought about trying to integrate a dynamic supertweeter into your setup? Last edited: Jul 3, SeeDeeFirthJul 3, Location: Hungary. They sound superb. Location: Hamburg, Germany. I've read great things about the JBL L and how it was supposedly the ideal speaker for Rock and Guitar driven music. If you have the chance check them out. Joshua TreeJul 3, Location: Ontario, Canada. Or some big old Klipsch Forte, Chorus, etc.

SandAndGlassthomaskongbenzo and 1 other person like this. Location: NJ. Megadeth, Satriani, ZZ Top, you-name-it. They do need a sub or two, though, that light 12" woofer is not there for deep bass. JackGJul 3, ManimalChris Schoen and McLover like this.Discussion in ' Speakers ' started by the-real-mandakFeb 10, Log in or Sign up. Best Rock speakers? Messages: 3, Location: Copenhagen.

I was looking around in the forum for info on this but it seems no single thread about this has ever been made. They have to be capable but still detailed; it's not just about decibels. And there have to be more than 2 pairs around on this planet! Think about this as a top 10 or 5 of the best Rock'n Roll speakers ever made.

A speaker that seems to get a lot of credit in this domain is the JBL Ti, but what else is out there?

best vintage speakers for rock music

Messages: 7, Location: Denver Colorado. Though I'd say some JBLs will make the list for sure. Messages: 6, Location: Nova Scotia, Canada. First, a speaker as to be very good reproducing classical music, and only after that, you can ween to the best for rock. In the vintage department, and this is me only, some of the AR are some of the best at it.

Matco ratchet and socket set

Messages: 54, Altec A5 Voice of the Theatre with multicell horns and compression drivers are adequate to the task; do need subwoofer sthough. Messages: 5, Location: Sheboygan Wisconsin. A ziilion choices I'm afraid. Are you looking for some big honkin speakers? Or something more around the bookshelf size? Or in between? And as well, what kind of equipment up front do you have to power these "speakers"?

If you had a 45wpc Sansui Seven Receiver, and wish to rock the world, have cops banging down your door, I might suggest a pair of Klipsch Cornwalls. My JBL Studio Monitors are a very capable speaker, do just about everything very well, have the capability of rocking large living spaces with not much power needed, as they too are quite efficient.

Aba parent training materials pdf

JBL's, while many models are not so much liked for classical, or other genres, can really rock the house.

Speakers like the small LLL, and on, and on. I feel the is a speaker that can very closely compare to some of the more revered large JBL Series, without breaking the bank. For how good they look, and sound, I feel like I stole them. A super 12" 3-way, but they are less efficient than the JBL's, and so require some hefty amplification to sound their best.

Another classic well liked vintage speaker, and again, not really highly efficient, was the KEF Messages: 3, All of these are classic West Coast speakers. The Mach 1's and Cerwins are readily available and affordable.Wells wrote about the Time Machine inwhich is and maybe will be an imaginary machine forever.

But before go in details, check here:. This one is really cheap price in vintage speaker world. To know more about this Tewell Retrorock, check details review in below. Tight in the budget, and still want the best for the money? Go for Tewell Retrorock, a vintage-flavored modern speaker with 12W amplifier and a smart range of feet.

On that note, Tewell Retrorock is our best budget-friendly pick of the pile. Our Top Pick — Marshall Kilburn Portable Bluetooth Speaker The best, and probably the closest one to the classic retro design that vintage speakers used to have. Marshall, the iconic brand itself had blended a nostalgia of music and visual outlook in The Kilburn.

That being said, Marshall Kilburn is the best retro speaker for us, and many music lovers like you. Top Rated 10 Vintage Speakers Reviews of Through thorough research, we have accumulated some data on vintage speakers.

Our choices are made regarding their built, brand and clarity.

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Though we discussed our methodology of choosing what we chose. We hope you will not only find it useful but also informative.

Marshall Amplification, a legend itself in the industry had launched Marshall Kilburn- a vintage Bluetooth speaker. Because of both visual and audio performance, Marshall Kilburn climbed through the list of best vintage speakers and stood out from rest of them all. We will take you through a broken down analysis of why we awarded our precious 1 rank to this classic piece.

Keep reading. Two of the versions are there- The Black and Cream finish. The unit contains two tweeters and a single woofer the weight is 6. The weight seems to be little more and we have to sacrifice the portability to gain the solid audio performance it gives. The power amplifiers contain a 15W Class D amplifier, and two Class D amplifiers- one for the woofer and another set for the tweeters.

An analog control panel will help you to be precise with what you want to listen. Love traveling? What if your classic vintage speaker accompanies you in a stylish way? Marshall Kilburn comes with a guitar-inspired detachable leather strap that lets you carry it with style, wherever your journey takes you. A benefit of it is, controlling the volume would be certainly more precise and smoother.

The complete control panel appears on the top, along with a strong handle. As the product weight is about 10 pounds, the handle must be strong enough, and the good news is, it is strong.

From left to right, you will find a DC input for powering up the speaker and charger. As you know the frontal part of the box has a large speaker for audio output. A unique part of the specs list is the echo dial. What it does is, it indicated how much of your voice is affecting. Overall, we found the LuguLake Bluetooth Speaker a great pick for the money.

What do you think? Want to take yourself back to the good old days of the s?


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